"I think Girls on Board is effective especially because it makes us realise we are all going through the same situation."
(Year 10 Girl)

"You have inspired me to take a fresh approach, and to step back from trying to unpick the minutiae of Snapchat messages and so on. Putting the onus on the girls themselves to consider their role in the dynamic of a falling-out absolutely resonates with me." (Deputy Head)

"It's like Girls on Board helps girls realise that when they fall out with each other it's completely normal and not weird and scary."
(Year 9 Girl)

"We had feedback from a Year 6 mother whose daughter had told her that it was the most useful talk about friendships that she had ever had."
(Headteacher – all girls school)

Bit of research for the book and looking at generational disconnect. What would say to your 13 year old self, knowi… https://t.co/gMNHYbCgcG

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