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Empowering girls to solve their friendship issues for themselves

When girls are mean to each other it can be really tough. Have you got first hand experience of ‘Queen Bee’ behaviour? What about ‘messengers’ – girls who share secrets between groups? Perhaps you have been subjected to online abuse and are wondering what on earth you’re going to do – ‘how can I go into school tomorrow knowing that I have no one to sit next to?’

Traditionally, teachers try hard to get to ‘the truth’ when girls complain about conflict and upset. But girls know (only too well) that when teachers and parents get involved in the detail of what happened they can’t really understand and things usually just get worse. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry on talking to your parents and teachers – it’s vital you still share your problems and issues. But if your school adopts the Girls on Board approach then conversations with teachers and parents will be different. Girls on Board will empower you to resolve your friendship issue for yourselves – and that surely has got to be the best way?

Girls on Board is different! It is an approach used by hundreds of schools across the UK and the world to support girls and their friendships in a way that does not judge! Instead, in a Girls on Board school, teachers discuss the many ways in which girls are the same and share the same fears, anxieties, joys and experiences of friendships. By encouraging girls to see that they are all in this together, the Girls on Board approach empowers girls to resolve their issues for themselves.

If you are a girl aged between 7 and 18 and you would like your school to consider adopting the Girls on Board approach then why not share this website with a pastoral care teacher – Head of Year maybe. Or you can email info@girlsonboard.co.uk and we will get in touch with the school for you.

If you are experiencing distress caused by friendship issues then you can always email info@girlsonboard for some friendly advice; we will treat your email in strict confidence (though the usual safeguarding rules apply).

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It's like Girls on Board helps girls realise that when they fall out with each other it's completely normal and not weird and scary.

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