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This is such simple approach when you think about it, having such an impact on the girls.  I feel such a sense of relief…it is so depressing at times when you have the same children experiencing the same problems over and over and us adults being ineffective at helping them – even though we believe we are doing the right thing.  It feels like I have been stuck in a vicious circle and finally you have shown me a different way, that I really believe will change these girl’s lives for the better.  Thank you!

Year 5 Teacher

Year 3 to Year 13

Our adoption of the Girls on Board programme to empower our pupils to tackle friendship problems with adult support, rather than interference, has been ground breaking.

Girls School

‘I am so excited about taking the initiative further at my school. I think the way it puts the onus back on the students to take responsibility for their actions/behaviours and make them really think about what they are doing, is amazing. It is going to make them more resilient as women going forward and shape them in a way which enables them to deal with such situations.’

Learning Manager Year 7

I introduced Girls on Board to staff yesterday and we had an overwhelmingly positive response. I had been apprehensive about what they may think but many people emailed afterwards saying what a positive approach it is and that they think it’s a great idea.

Head of Year

“One of the immediate effects of the first Girls on Board session was that staff realised that they could and should back off from the girls, saving time and energy, but also knowing that they were actually doing the right thing.”

Headteacher, mixed all-through school

“You have inspired me to take a fresh approach, and a step back from trying to unpick the minutiae of Snapchat messages and so on. Putting the onus on the girls themselves to consider their role in the dynamic of a falling-out absolutely resonates with me.”

Deputy Head

“It is a good understanding of how girls work but it is of more use to the adults than the girls because the girls already know this.”

Year 10 Girl

‘I think Girls on Board is effective especially because it makes us realise we are all going through the same situation.’

Year 9 Girl

“Although Girls on Board cannot stop arguments completely, it has definitely helped reduce them and helped us to understand how our relationships work.”

Year 10 Girl

‘We had feedback from a Year 6 mother whose daughter had told her that it was the most useful talk about friendships that she had ever had.’


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