Online Training

Online Training

Online Training

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This is a fully moderated course consisting of 4 short written assignments and 18 tasks – such as watching videos and reading think-pieces. The course should be completed within 2 weeks of starting and requires around 4 to 5 hours of study. Graduates of the course are fully-fledged Girls on Board Champions and have the same knowledge as those who have attended face-to-face training. You can view the front page (only) of the course here .

Costs: £200 (for non-licence holders)
£100 (for licence holders)


Testimonials for the Online Training Course:

“I have found the online course informative and thought provoking.  It does fit well with our philosophy of discussion and empathy but this course has furnished us with some practical structures and some linguistic tools to really embed the approach.  A good range of resources and certainly kept my interest throughout – no mean feat for an online training course!”

“The reference material is detailed and informative and good in that it includes videos and real-life footage of the approach in action. It is also good to hear the actual responses of the young girls themselves and how they view the GoB approach.”

“Having just completed the online version of the training, I can honestly say I have enjoyed the whole process, it has reinforced much of what I had learned from extensive other reading, and it has offered a way which really ‘chimed’ with me to put that into practice through a totally clear and workable system which is nevertheless not overly time-consuming and will open up many good conversations.”

“I have really enjoyed learning about Girls on Board. Everything I have watched and read has made sense and I realise where I have been going wrong in the past. I have wasted many hours with girls, trying to sort out their problems but the truth is, you really can’t. What you need to do, is learn about Girls on Board and approach the problems that way. Hold a mirror up to the girls and facilitate them sorting it out themselves.”

“I particularly appreciated that the whole course is so easily adaptable to suit girls of any age, and so I don’t feel as though I have a lot to do to make it applicable to Year 6.”

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