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How Do I Access This?

Girls on Board is a training opportunity and on this website you can read about the various ways in which training can be accessed and undertaken. 

Training takes around 4 to 5 hours whether accessed at a face-to-face event or online. 

All graduates of the training course are fully equipped and resourced and able to use the approach the next day. 

There is no subscription and no hidden costs. 

Prices: visit the links in the summary below to calculate prices for your setting. Also check out how the Licence can discount some of those prices. 

In summary:

  • Training online. Train at your own pace and in your own time, using this asynchronous training platform hosted by ning.com. Just complete the form on the Online Training page and you can get going within a few hours.  
  • Train at a face-to-face training event. Come and be inspired by Andrew Hampton in person as he travels around the UK. Complete the form on the page of the event near you and book yourself in now. 
  • Book an INSET day for your school or group of schools. Invite Andrew Hampton to visit your school for the day and train as many people as you need.