For Pupils

For Pupils

An approach to help girls understand that everyone feels the same

When friendships go wrong it can be hard for both boys and girls; but for girls it is typically more painful and potentially traumatic.

Girls fall out and nobody can stop that but a Girls on Board school will handle issues differently and enable the girls to explore their roles in the dynamic and to find ways of solving the problems themselves – without adult intervention.

Girls on Board sessions bring all the girls in a school year group together to explore and re-enforce the key principles:

  • All girls fear having no friends.
  • Adults can only help in very limited ways.
  • A girl without a friendship group is a problem for everyone because whichever group she eventually joins will be changed in some way by her arrival.

Once girls begin to see and understand that they all feel this way, then rifts between them naturally start to heal and they start to bond with each other again.

Girls on Board also gives girls a common language to share with parents and other adults so that they better understand  girls’ needs, don’t intervene unnecessarily and most importantly, don’t make the situation even worse!

It's like Girls on Board helps girls realise that when they fall out with each other it's completely normal and not weird and scary.

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