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You do not have to have the Licence in order to use the Girls on Board approach, but it comes with benefits.  The Girls on Board Licence costs £300 (incl VAT) and lasts in perpetuity. The benefits of being a licence holder are:

  • The school is entitled to half price online training. (So, online training costs £120 per teacher instead of £240 per teacher.)
  • Once one or more staff have trained, the school is accredited to display the Girls on Board logo on its website, letterhead and other marketing materials.
  • The school will receive a pdf of The Parent Guide branded with its own logo.
  • The school can ask for its own images to be included in the Parent Guide.
  • Staff will receive ongoing professional support from trainers by email and phone.
  • The school can purchase additional hard copies of The Teacher’s Handbook.
  • The school can purchase and display the Girls on Board plaque in their Foyer*.

The Girls on Board Licence costs £300 (incl VAT) and lasts in perpetuity. For more information or to purchase the Licence, email info@girlsonboard.co.uk

Special offer:
Multi-Academy Trusts (UK) may purchase a single Licence and receive all the benefits for FOUR schools within the trust. This can be repeated until all the schools in the trust are covered. This means that the price per school for the Licence comes down to £75 incl VAT.

*Already a Girls on Board School? 
You can earn a FREE plaque if you carry a short blog or article on your school’s website; the article will help explain the approach for parents and prospective parents and will contain a link to the GirlsonBoard.co.uk website. You can write the blog or article yourself or you can request copy from Girls on Board. If you’re interested, contact info@girlsonboard.co.uk